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Monday, 18 April 2011

Christians on the run from Lahore after District Judge calls for investigation of 'hearsay' false blasphemy case!

We have received another alarming story about Christian's on the run in Pakistan. The report illustrates the inadequacy of District judges in Pakistan and the need for oiling of a system that can result in Police action 5 months after an incident - perhaps Farrukh Mushtaq is not as safe as originally thought...

It is time Pakistan create a more robust and rigorous training and screening process for people of this order. This report is provided prima facie (sic):

THROUGH this letter, most humbly, I want to draw your kind attention towards the plight of a team of evangelists allegedly accused of passing derogatory remarks against the prophet of Islam here in Lahore, Pakistan, and seek your immediate assistance for the protection of these persons.

According to the circumstances a fanatical Muslim named Mohammed Ishfaq filed a petition on 13-12-2010, in the court of Additional District and Session Judge Lahore, under Section 295-C of Pakistan Penal Code, accusing three Christian evangelists named Ashfaq Rafique, Shahrukh Gill and Ms Joyce Perveen of passing derogatory remarks against the honor of Prophet of Islam, and sought legal direction in this matter.

The court on 21-12-2010 issued directed the Senior Superintendent of Police (Operation), Lahore to take legal action against the alleged accused person in accordance with the law. Thereafter the said petitioner with the direction of the court submitted an application No.11182-9 dated 10-02-2011, with the office of SSP (Operation), Lahore, for further action.

The application was referred to the concerned Police Station Gulberg, Lahore ( Tel: 042-99263149 ) where the supposed incident took place on 14-11-2010.

Here, an investigation officer named Mohammed Asif (ASI) is making investigation into this case. Now the Police is in search of these accused who being afraid of dire consequences already have disappeared to save their lives. Meanwhile the closed family members of the accused persons who were receiving death threats from some extremists have also fled their homes.

Under this critical situation, it fears that because of merely this allegation the accused ones may be killed by any the extremists at anytime as there are already many examples of “Extra Judicial Killing” in such blasphemy cases in Pakistan.

Therefore, in light of above mentioned facts I request you to take an immediate and every possible action on humanitarian ground to save the lives of these innocent and vulnerable people otherwise they have no option other than surrendering themselves and embracing humiliation and death.

Hope to hear you soon.

Best Regards,
Arshad Sulahri
Amnesty Pakistan


  1. Dear Arshad Sulahri
    Please, spread historical facts that Pakistani Christians played active role through their casting vote for the formation of Pakistan.They should be treated without discrimination and with liberty of their religious obligations and false
    accusations of blasphemy should be stopped.
    May LORD JESUS save HIS folk.

  2. What is happening here is heartbreaking. But God sees all.
    May the peace of Christ reign in your hearts.

  3. May God bring peace to the Christians in Pakistan

    and eradicate intolerance and religious extremism.

  4. In above mentioned blasphemy case though the Police has not registered FIR against any alleged accused so far but on the basis of merely an allegation these innocent people will be brutally killed by the extremists.Blasphemy cases registered or unregistered in Pakistan are always baseless without reality.They are fabricated to victimize innocent Christians.

  5. thanks all for your comment and help me for this cases


    Arshad Sulahri

    Amnesty Pakistan