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Monday, 21 March 2011

Archbishop Alexander Malik speaks about Christian Persecution at Southwark Cathedral

At a small gathering of around 40 people the Archbishop of the Church of Pakistan - Alexander Malik, spoke out against the persecution of minorities in Pakistan.

The Bishop of Lahore talked on the misuse of the Blasphemy Law and the suffering of Christians. When asked if he was raising a voice for Christians the Archbishop stated that he was talking to Islamic leaders, but that no compromise was given when broaching the subject of reform.

The meeting was very short and there was little opportunity to ask questions, on the 3 occasions I was able to speak I clarified the more gory details of Christian persecution and the wider inequalities that exist. Many Visitors not known that only 7% of Pakistani Christians attain adequate literacy and others were unaware that 80% of our community work as janitors or domestic servants.

I also highlighted the impact of the Islamicised ammendments 295b&c that have perverted the original intent of section 295 and 295a -the original public order act, that protected all faiths in Pakistan when introduced by the British to protect the Muslim minority from Hindu extremists.

Many shared our concern for our people and offered to attend our protest.

I was unable to ask what was happening to the heritage of our church in view of the recent landsales. Besides it did not seem appropriate at this meeting as at a time when we need unity from wider churches it did not seem fit to cause consternation amongst the goodhearted visitors.


  1. Thank you Mr. Wilson for standing up on Defending Christians in Pakistan... I am with you in prayers and I always find your post with great importance.. From the Philippines, we support your cause for persecuted Christians in Pakistan.

    God bless you and your loved ones.

  2. It is about time that the Bishop would come out of his den and speak about it. He has been there for too long - my suggestion to him is - please pass on the torch to someone who would not be as afraid of speaking out as you have been over the years.

    Raymond Durrani & Associates
    Central Committee Executive
    Pakistan Christian Congress (only registered Christian Political Party in Pakistan)
    'Friends of Pakistan's Christian Nation' (While we care deeply about all minorities, our focus is Christian Nation which was partner in the formation of Pakistan)
    1 (905) 683-2341

  3. I am Sorry , Thou I am ordinary Pakistani Christian, I feel I am very Tiny Drop of the Rain.

    But I Think All The Churches / Missions / Christian NGO's / Mohalas..We should select one day and conduct rally all over Pakistan.

    I think this is duty o every Christian.

    Mr.Shabaz Bhatti died in the line of duty,He shed his blood for us.

    Like long time Ago Our Lord Jesus Christ gave his life , for the forgiveness of our Sins and eternal life.

    Please get united, do'nt let this Incident.

    His murder is the murder of all Christian in Pakistan.

    We are loosing our respect and Integrity.

    We are not safe in Pakistan.

    We all know this , Then I wonder why we are united. why we are not standing.

    For whom we are waiting For.

    All the leaders / Missions talk with each , Find a solution to deal this situation.

    Requesting in the name of "JESUS CHRIST".


    Plz stand united for the safety of ur Identity in Pakistan.

    How long we are going to wait.

    Plz rise,


    Mehmood Khokhar

    Saviour Welfare Society

  4. Sir,

    With very very due respect.

    I think all the Pakistani Christian are very confused because of the Killing of Late Shabaz Bhatti.

    Though our Identity is Pakistani which is endorsed , that we have the Pakistani national I D cards.

    But We have feeling though that we are strangers in Pakistan, Who Possessed by the Majorities in Pakistan.

    I want to ask you are we Christians Welcome in Pakistan.

    I am worried , some forces are setting Platform , where in near Future Pakistani Christians will be in swear pressure.

    So Honorable Rev ,

    Again with all due respect,

    Who is going to take stand, I think we need to be Vocal Now.

    Plz lead us, Guide us , how to cope with the situtation.

    Cause I have a very Strong feeling that Pakistani Christians are not SAFE in PAKISTAN.

    Praying for u and I request you to Pray for all Pakistan.

    Are we going to weight for the Moses??????


    Mehmood Khokhar