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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Condolences for the late Shahbaz Bhatti from Rubab Mehdi Rizvi - European spokesperson for the Ministry of Human Rights Pakistan

Dear Wilson,

My statement is as follows :

We strongly condemn the brutal assassination of the Minister for Minority Affairs. Pakistan has lost an important leader .He wanted peaceful co-existence between different faith denominations. Despite threats he did not leave the country living up to the political legacy
of his party.

We stand united with our brothers and sisters in the Christian community who have suffered indirectly or directly as a result of this tragedy.

This unspeakable violence can never be justified in the name of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made non Muslims part of the Ummah and gave them equal political , social and religious rights in form of treaties drafted by His Holiness himself. The hands which benefit from straining relations between these two faiths need to be identified and exposed.



  1. Rubar Mahdi Rizvi has been inviting poeple in her conference who were happy at the death of Salman Taseer. Many Sunni Extremist mullahs are associated with her father. Who has been getting advantage with every government but used to invite son of dictator Zia ul Haq. Dr. Mehdi was happy to shake hands with Saudi Ambassador. All wahabi extremist are product of Saudi Arabia.!/photo.php?fbid=209262665771244&set=pu.152533538110824&type=1&theater

  2. Her conference speakers included Lord Alderdice , Kris Hopkins ,Bishop Nick Holtam , Julian Bond, Rabbi Mark Winer and Maulana Shahid Reza.

    Maulana Shahid Reza was the only speaker representing Islam .He is an OBE, which is an honour given by Her Majesty.

    You must be an associate of of the few people she didn't invite to speak.This is not the correct forum to vent.