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Thursday, 3 March 2011

We must show love despite the adversity we face!

Christians in Pakistan have gone through much adversity in recent times. The loss of loved ones through increasing persecution is creating much angst in our community. Yet we must not fall into the trap of retribution and hate.

God calls us to love our neighbour and clarified to us that our neighbour is anyone and everyone. We know we must turn the other cheek and although the recent slap is still stinging we need to remember God in this most troubled time.

In a show of peace and unity the BPCA have organised a candlelight vigil outside the Pakistan Embassy for tomorrow. We would like you to come an join used for a time of prayer and worship as a delegation will submit a wreath of flowers for the family of Shahbaz Bhatti.

The gesture is one of peace signifying that Pakistan's of all faiths adore the country of their birth/forefathers and wish for a restoration of peace.

Shahbaz Bhatti was an icon for our people one of the loudest proponents of the freedom movement in Pakistan and one of its most progressive statesmen.

His loss will be felt for years and will be a real blow for the equality movement that seemed to be gaining much ground.

We will be praying for succour and healing for the family and friends of Shahbaz Bhatti and for the societal rift to end with the creation of a balanced and more egalitarian Pakistan.

If you would like to join us the event details are as follows:

Date: Friday 4th March 2011
Time: 17:00
Location: Pakistan Embassy, Lowndes Square, London (nearest tube Knightsbridge)

Guests include:

Alan Craig - Leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance
Gian Singh Minhas -Senior Vice President British Sikh Council UK
Upkar Singh Rai - PR Secretary British Skh Concil UK
Sarabjit Singh - Sikh Youth Society UK
Jas Singh - Anti Oppression Campaign Group
Clara Connolly - Women Against Fundamentalism

Pastor John Figueras - Potters House Christian Fellowship Romford
Jas Singh - Anti-opression Group
Hamad and Sally Bailey (leading worship)
John Bosco - Christian Social Link

The prayer and Worship will be entirely Christian howevre the delegation to submit the wreaths to the High Commissioner is of a Multifaith diversity.

Please bring candles!!

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