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Friday, 11 March 2011

Meeting with Lord Nazir at House of Lords

A packed house of speakers ready to give homage to a lost hero.

The Meeting was chaired by the eloquent Lord Nazir Ahmed

A minutes silence allowed people to reflect on just how much had been lost to a mourning nation.

The loss of Miinster Bhatti quite simply has caused international condemnation of the extremism in Pakistan.

James Shera former Mayor of Rugby talked of the need for Harmony amongst faiths.

Christians and Muslims talked on an equal platform.

Daniel Farman gave a rousing speech highlighting the impact of persecution and the debilitating affect it was having on minorities.

Daniel Farman spoke with confidence and pride of the nation of Pakistan that he believed belonged to all communities living there.

Wilson read out a quote from Shahbaz Bhatti himself that highlighted his determination to see good through his work, despite the consequences.

Wilson talked of the unity amongst people of all faiths under normal conditions. He spoke of the need to stop the nation of Pakistan being hijacked by extremists.

Wilson challenged the group using words from the great humanitarian Mahatma Gandhi:
"you must be the change you wish to see in the world"
He called for the people in the meeting to use whatever influence or resource they had to enact change in Pakistan.

Wilson expressed great joy at the unity shown by the global Pakistani community all opposed to the recent rise in extremism.

A shield was presented to James Shera, a gift from Lord Nazir to the bereaved family of Shahbaz Bhatti.

Dr Khokhar Inspector General complimented Wilson on expressing the unity amongst our people and reciprocated Wilson in the need to dispense with the title "Minorities" and to recognise all citizens as Pakistani.

Dr Khokhar spoke of an international complaints scheme for police misdemeanour.

Wilson was interviewed by "The Asians" who wrote a solid account of the memorial event.

Christians showed great solidarity with each other and all Pakistanis

A strong message of unity was a theme of the memorial.

Christians and Muslims showed the way forward for Pakistan was working together.

Wilson and Lord Nazir Ahmed agreed to continue striving for peace and stability in Pakistan.

Daniel Gill and Peter Joined Lord Nazir.

James Shera described how he used to work on the trains with Wilson and Alex's father when he first came to the UK. It was a touching moment for them to hear about the camaraderie between the first Pakistani migrants.


  1. Nice photographs. I wish I could read something about discussions and views from participants.
    God bless you.
    B. Sundhu

  2. I arrived late due to a prior engagement at SOAS University. The Asians wrote on the meeting you can find a link on my blog. Alternatively view the video that has been uploaded today.

  3. the second last photo says Daniel Gill which is wrong it is supposed to be Daniel Farman

    Keep up the good work Thank you & God Bless you

  4. keep up the good work Wilson.

    God Bless you

    Pastor. Daniel Farman