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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Time for more concerted efforts to reform Pakistan

Wilson spoke at the Christian Social Link protest on 19th March - what impact did it have?!

Several trips to the High Commissioner and various trips to the High Commission offices have proved fruitless for the BPCA and other Humanitarian Groups. As Christian's we need to measure the value of our softly softly approach. To contextualise this comment what good has any visit and petition, or any letter to the High Commission of Pakistan done for our community?

The answer is simple - absolutely nothing!

We still see the same old, same old and the hear the very same condolences and overtly sympathetic overtures, laced with promises of an ongoing commitment to bring reform to Pakistan.

No legal provision has been altered?
No constitutional reform has been discussed or even considered for review?

The 5% quota for minority employment in Pakistan has not been actioned and probably never will, yet is heralded by the existing Government as a progressive landmark?

Minority day celebrations by the High Commission in the UK are yet to take place?

Pakistan day is celebrated with pomp and vigour with an exclusion policy to minorities?

These facts alone illustrate the true commitment to equality this government espouses!

Moreover, my real concern is that in the space of just 4 months we have seen several high profile incidents:

  • Asia Bibi a mother of 5 brutally beaten, raped and incarcerated for 2 years on concocted blasphemy charges, now awaiting an appeal for an existing death sentence to be quashed!

  • The murder of Muslim Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer (RIP) assassinated for his progressive views!

  • The assassination of unprotected (despite requests) Federal Minister Shahbaz Bhatti (RIP) for his forthright stance to protect all minorities.

  • The savage shooting of 2 Christian men in Hydrabad and critical injury to another young man, currently fighting to save his life in a Karachi Hospital. This was an unprovoked attack based on the men trying to protect young Christian girls from abuse.

  • Christians in Badami Bagh were forced to sign a contract limiting the times for church services and a ban on the ability to speak anything Christian in the streets, after police organised a private meeting with 14 key figures of which 10 were Muslims and 4 were Christians (click here). This coercion was masked as a positive mutual agreement between two faiths!

Having heard the latest diabolical acts, I felt so incensed that I took my megaphone and banner and protested alone outside the Pakistan High Commission yesterday. several Muslim men to accost me and rallied with their usual tirade referring to the Afghan and Iraq War and the recent Quran Burning incident undertaken by Terry Jones. I questioned them on whether this justified the attack on innocent Christians in Pakistan and everyone I questioned categorically said "NO".

Yet if there is no justification why do the Government of Pakistan and more moderate Muslims not join the campaign for an end to the tyranny over minorities in Pakistan? Why oppose my simple protest calling for an end to the persecution of Christians and other minorities?

I fundamentally agree we need to work with all faith groups and agencies to bring change, yet I find myself beleaguered by the lack of commitment and help.

I suggest that as a community we raise the standard a little higher and that more of us place our heads above the parapet. I am in the process of organising a 1 week long fixed picket outside the Pakistan Embassy. I will need a group of 5 volunteers to join me and this could be just a committment of a few hours from a large number of volunteers. I would like to know how many of you will be bold enough and committed enough to join me. I intend to place red paint on the white sash at the base of the Pakistani flag, this section was created by Jinnah to recognise the contribution and value of minorities in Pakistan. That sash has now been made red by the blood of our martyrs.

The Police were called to stop my protest as it had not been pre-booked with the Police events team. I struggled with my conscience as I thought of what to do in the predicament I found myself in, part of me wanted to be arrested so that I could reach a new audience. However, I felt the time is not yet right for full media coverage of such an incident and it could portray negatively for our community.

I will seriously, however, consider being arrested for peaceful protesting in the future, if the Government of Pakistan continues to ignore the ever clear and present danger, of Pakistan falling into anarchy as a consequence of the continued existence of extremism.


  1. Good awakening, Wilson. I wrote you to arrange a protest in front of the Hospital where Nawaz Shrif is under treatment and was being visited by his brother, the Premier of Punjab - no reply. I would have altered the hospital staff and others as well - good strategy but not acted upon.

    Protest in front of the house of Bilal Bhutto/Zardari and others who are PPP junkies as well - be bold and brave - all the Christian community is with you - slow to move but they are. Ask not what they can do for you - but rather what you can do for them, Wilson. May the Big fellow bless you abundently.

    Raymond Wallace MacDurrani & Associates
    Central Committee Executive/Political Strategist
    Pakistan Christian Congress (Only registered political Christian Party in Pakistan)
    'Friends of Pakistan's Christian Nation' (While we care deeply about all minorities, our focus is Christian Nation who are partner in the formation of Pakistan)
    1 (905) 683-2341

  2. Hello Wilson,
    The Lord appreciates what you do for His children. Please brother why don't we organise an international fast like Esther did, I live outside UK. I will fast one whole day like a Saturday. I will only drink, not eat for 24 hours, will worship and pray and plead for God's mercy and intervention for the protection of His people in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan and other countries where Christians are terribly abused for Christ's sake. Ask churches in UK, outside UK to fast and pray for Pakistan's Christians, let's say it's a 24-hour, 7 day, 4weeks fasting and prayer. The Lord will be glorified and His people strengthened, blessed. Then we wait what the mighty God of the bible does. In Esther's time He protected the Jews who killed those who were about to kill them.

  3. My prayers for you and all those who help our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan Wilson.
    May the Lord use you mightily may He protect and bless you as you do His work and may you find favour with people as you have found favour with God May His blessing rest upon you, In His Mighty Name['].