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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

MP Andrew Stephenson has called for a debate on persecution in Pakistan

Andrew Stephenson MP has called for a debate on "Government Policy on Pakistan" in the House of Commons "Westminster Hall" today.
[The Westminster Hall Chamber (in a specially converted room off the main Westminster Hall) is an additional chamber to the main House of Commons chamber. The first sitting in Westminster Hall took place on Tuesday 30 November 1999. Following an experimental period from the beginning of the 1999-2000 session to the end of the 2001-2002 session, the House has now agreed to a permanent Standing Order (SO No. 10) providing for sittings of a "parallel Chamber", known as "the House sitting in Westminster Hall".]
Much credit should be given to David Dean from Nelson church for organising the memorial to Shahbaz Bhatti on Sunday 13th March 2011. It would seem that the work of Nelson Church has inspired an MP, who already had a desire to speak out against the persecution our community faces in the homeland.

Andrew asked for some pointers and we provided him with supporting information to help him construct his report.

We do not know how much that would have influenced the final draft but we were pleased to be considered to help with this important task.

As a family we should pray for a succesful outcome to his deliberations today, as such work and support will be pivotal to eventual success in creating a fairer Pakistan. I include the email received from Andrew Stephenson in verbatim:

Hi Wilson,

It was good to see you at the Baptist Church in Nelson last Sunday.

I have secured a Westminster Hall Debate on “Government Policy on Pakistan” for Tuesday, where I will get the opportunity to speak for 15mins, followed by a reply from the Foreign Office Minister Responsible, Alistair Burt MP. Whilst I want to touch on a few different issues the bulk of what I want to say will be about Shahbaz Bhatti and the plight of Christian’s in Pakistan.

I would therefore really appreciate anything you can send me in advance of the debate. Especially a copy of the slides you talked us through last Sunday.

Many Thanks,

Andrew Stephenson MP


  1. I hope that the young bread of MPs question the parliament about the existence of members of the Christian nation who are persecuted day in day out in Pakistan. Members of the Christian Nation (4 MP & the Speaker of the House of Punjab Parliament) voted in favor of the formation of Pakistan on the advice of British Raj. What did the Muslim majority did soon that got hold of the new stated - they changed the name of it from 'State of Pakistan' to 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan' and took all the rights of minorities away. Neither a member of the minority nor their children could become the President, Prime Minister and or Ambassador nor can their children dream of becoming one unlike the children of the Muslim majority.

    Christian Nation is under attack by the Muslim Extremists everyday and governments are failing to protect them. May be these young MPs should question the British parliament as why members of the Christian nation have their part of the land to form their own country since they voted for Pakistan and have a valid share in the land.

    Raymond Durrani & Associates
    Central Committee Executive
    Pakistan Christian Congress (only registered Christian Political Party in Pakistan)
    'Friends of Pakistan's Christian Nation' (While we care deeply about all minorities, our focus is Christian Nation which was partner in the formation of Pakistan)
    1 (905) 683-2341

  2. Christians are oppressed in Pakistan socially, economically and emotionally. They are forced to live like animals. There is no freedom of speech at all. Anything which goes against the opinion of a Muslim could put you in the danger of the victim of blasphemy law. Majority of Pakistani Christians are living in slum areas of Pakistan because they are not allowed to have good jobs to earn good money. Christians from Pakistan should be granted asylum in Europe, so they can live a free dignified life. Pakistani Christians are peaceful and do not hate western culture. Anything happens in Europe or USA against Islam, Christians in Pakistan are targeted and attached. This should be stopped as they have nothing to do with the actions of others who offend Muslims.