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Friday 25 March 2011

South Asian Forum backs 2nd July Protest!

We believe that if all South Asian Christian groups unite together we can make a difference! (Even if we don't unite God will find a way!) I felt the love - Manoj is a very endearing fellow! On Wednesday 23rd March Wilson was invited to the Evangelical Alliance Head Office to meet with Manoj Raithatha the National Coordinator for the South Asian Forum. A group set up to unite the South Asian Diaspora Christian Communities in ministry and advocacy. Manoj has been thoroughly impressed with the work of the BPCA. He was particularly complimentary about the manner in which we have used the media to champion change in Pakistan. Manoj has committed himself to speak at our protest on the 2nd July and shared details of a collaborative letter he would like to send to the Foreign Office, that has been originally drafted by the Scottish Pakistani Christian Association. The letter calls for more engagement with Pakistan by the UK government. In particular the letter calls for an appropriate level of moderate coercion by use of the foreign aid budget already commissioned for the homeland. The letter has been endorsed by several organisations including the BPCA and whilst in Manoj's office I assisted with a few alterations to ensure that the document served our purpose well. I have emailed a copy of the letter to all the churches on my list and have asked for them to endorse the letter. I hope that some groups will come forward as a consequence of this post. I will not make the letter public until after it has been sent to the Foreign Office and I ask that you contact me if you would like to have your group name printed as fellow endorsers. So that I can email a copy to you for your perusal.

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