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Monday, 14 March 2011

Interior Minister Rehman Malik challenged by Wilson Chowdhry at Pakistan High Commission.

At a meeting held at the High Commission of Pakistan on Friday 11th March Wilson questioned the Interior Minister of Pakistan - Rehman Malik , on living conditions for people in Pakistan.

See full video here:

The Interior Minister arrived at 5pm for a 2pm meeting provided a very limited apology for his delay and went straight into proceedings.

If you watch the video he went through problems facing Pakistan and seemed particularly concerned about the Raymond Davies Case. He confirmed that Pakistan was a sovereign state and that they would not release the accused American. Yet Pakistan has signed the Geneva Convention which requires them to operate under international laws...?

Despite the recent tragic death of Shahbaz Bhatti with whom he must have had frequent relations- the interior minister forgot to say words of condolences for the senior statesmen and had to be reminded by the High Commissioner's team of the correct protocol. Don't worry, we had intended to remind him of the nations loss before the High Commissioner intervened.

Most of the questions posed by our Muslim brothers focused on Raymond Davies and the processing of Nadra Cards.

Wilson was determined to pose questions on the more social aspects of concerns within his ministry.

Wilson called for enhanced payments for the Police force of Pakistan to reduce corruption, for freedom for Asia Bibi and her safe passage to a western nation, he challenged for corrupt lawyers who boycotted the case for Shazia Bashir to be brought to justice and disbarred. Wilson also called for removal of faith labelling from Pakistani Passports.

The Interior Minister felt lessons should be learned from the action that the Lawyers took in the case of Shazia Bashir . Despite clear images and video footage of the heinious act he offered no disciplinary action.

His response seems rather blaise and inappropriate for an incident that has caused great dismay to the global Pakistani Christian Community and illustrates the disenfranchisement of our people.

It was as if a slap on the wrist would suffice for the malicious action, that prevented justice for a 12 year old Christian domestic servant girl who was kept without permission, raped and then beaten to death.

Learn more about the court mobbing incident here:

More on Shazia Bashir:

Rehman Malik spoke of how he doubled the wages for Police officers in the two years that he has been in position. He stated that the overall corruption has not dissipated and said that this was due to the rot having already been set in. He conformed that he would be involved in introducing some schemes, to improve accountability and traceability for the police service.

Rehman Malik talked of how the President of Pakistan could not pardon Asia Bibi until full court proceedings had been terminated. The case was still pending preventing any pardon.

The BPCA believes this statement is fallacious based on an independent report from a colleague of ours:

The Interior Minister was a friendly jovial man and although we did not receive the answers we wished to hear from him. We call on the community to pray for him to make right decisions for the good of the nation.

The High Commissioner is a passionate man and seems determined to see good done. That he stepped in to ensure that the Interior Minister remembered the loss our nation suffered when Shahbaz Bhatti died, reinforces his goodwill for all communities.

I ask people of all faiths to pray for his safety and continued health. We need strong humanitarian voices in our countries time of dire need.

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