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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Two Christians shot dead in Hydrabad - when will the persecution end?!

Last night two Christian men were shot dead in Hydrabad Pakistan. Early reports say that the incident occurred whilst Christians were being abused whilst entering a church in a town called Hoor Camp.

Some Christian men intervened when Christian Girls were being insulted and provoked, the situation seemed to have calmed, however after the service the boys had returned with pistols and started to shoot at Christians indiscriminately.

Jameel Masih only 21 lost his life instantly he had only recently been married and leaves behind a grieving widow. A father of four children Yunis Ilyas also lost his life during the shooting killed on the spot by a bullet fired maliciously. A young man named Sadiq Masih was also injured and is currently receiving treatment in a Karachi Hospital. Early reports suggest that Sadiq Masih is in critical condition.

Please pray for the families of all the afflicted in particular pray for a miraculous healing for brother Sadiq Masih.

The situation in Pakistan is very volatile and we need to pray for God's protection over all Christian's in Pakistan and anywhere we are persecuted.


  1. Wilson: How come you blocked my comments from posting? No one else want to comment - what is wrong to comment on opinions you print.

  2. Hi Raymond,

    I have not blocked you all your comments have been uploaded?

    Please advise?


  3. Dear Chowhhary Sahib.
    How grateful I am for all the information's you supply.
    May the Lord reward you for this labour of love.
    On a personal note, I am responding to your advertisement for the security worker.
    In our Church there is a young man who is trained under ASI.
    Could you please let me know if you still need some security workers.
    With many blessings.
    Your in the love of our Lord
    Pastor Samuel Gill

  4. Thank you for highlighting these concerns.
    We observe how much airtime Western media considers it should allot to these issues.
    We can see therefore what kind of level of efficacity it has had so far.

    "But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Matthew 5:44)

  5. Hi Wilson,
    This is amjad babar. I am also a Pakistani like you, but you live in england and I live in Pakistan, I wanna do something special for my nation, I am a government servant here. This is my social duty to do something for my nation before I die. Please let me know the manifesto of your Association. I offer my membership for your Association only for sake of poor Pakistani Christian. Please understand my feeling, thoughts and faithfulness to my loving pakistani nation.