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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Shahbaz Bhatti murdered!

The killing of Shahbaz Bhatti has created international condemnation of the extremist plot to suppress the freedom movement of Pakistan.

In the wake of the disaster people are asking what type of interventions are required to bring stability to a nation riven with societal and political divides.

The opinions expressed below are my personal thoughts and not that of the BPCA. I include them for your perusal and debate. I have listed 6 options I believe would make the situation in Pakistan one that is more amenable to peace:

1. The Pakistani Government should be bold enough and open enough to accept international assistance. UN Troops being deployed to bring safety to a country that evidently cannot protect itself, should be a discussion topic at the next Cabinet Meeting.

2. UN troops should be called in to enhance internal surveillance training for the Pakistani Army as effective counter terrorism methods could have avoided the recent assassinations.

3. Western Nations should now accept religious persecution as a guaranteed right to Asylum for Pakistani Christians, they can no longer argue that Pakistan is a tolerant nation without significant loss of face.

4. International Muslim leaders need now to overtly condemn the two recent assassinations.

5. British Police should be sent to Pakistan to train forces there, especially in surveillance and counter terrorism measures. The international Aid budgets earmarked for Pakistan should incorporate such facility.

6. Asia Bibi should be set free and whisked away to the safety of a Western nation in secret. If not she will become the next high profile murder victim. Only her safe removal from the country will reduce the increasing volatility, polarisation and persecution.

This recent incident is sure to provoke the Pakistani Christian Community and will create further polarisation between communities in the UK. I am increasingly seeing more radical elements within our community and this concerns me.

Today the BPCA were contacted by the 'Communities Together Strategic Engagement Team' (CTSET) at New Scotland Yard.

The role of their department is to promote and support community cohesion between the various communities in London and also to monitor community tensions.

They made contact with us to see if we would like to be an independent partner to the police and offer any advice/guidance/opinions about the Pakistani Christian community in London, to them.

This will provide the BPCA with an opportunity to give Scotland Yard any general community feedback on issues which would affect our Pakistani Christian community and would give us an opportunity to 'have Pakistani Christian views heard'.

They may also consult with the BPCA if any Police organisation were to make any 'Strategic' decisions on matters which could effect members of the Pakistani Christian community, either directly or indirectly.

We will be meeting up with the Police this week and will hopefully ensure that matters affecting our community are addressed and represented at a strategic level.

Hopefully our interactions will prevent a build up of any hostility with wider faith groups, reduce potential for polarisation and fanaticism within and without our community. Moreover, we hope that it will bring appropriate safeguards to protect our community.

If there are any issues or concerns that you would like us to discuss with Scotland Yard, Please do inform us within the next few days so that we can cascade this information across.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Wilson

    Being recoganized by police deptt for consultations is an acheivement. Well done.

    Keep it up.

    B. Sundhu