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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Foreign Minister Alistair Burt looking for ways to effectively use aid subsidies to Pakistan as a platform for change.

Canon Yacub Masih, MP Alistair Burt, Wilson Chowdhry, James Shera and others, discuss the growing concerns for Christians in Pakistan.

Canon Yacub Masih led at a private discussion meeting organised by the Christan Fellowship at the Foreign Office.

The discussion focused on the increased intensity of persecution that has culminated in the deaths of two high ranking Governement Officials in Pakistan.

Wilson Chowdhry was invited by the Foreign Office directly to contribute to the Q&A Session as a forerunner, to a discussion led by Wilson at a future date.

Wilson challenged the Foreign Office to engage with faith communities especially those that are smaller minorities - more significantly. He requested private sessions with a number of faith minorities as they might feel intimated in the multi -faith groups or undermined by larger more vocal groups. Wilson stated that multi-faith groups work and should also be utilised and suggested that minorities such as Pakistani Christians are overlooked and should be given more priority.

Wilson also challenged for a new culture within the UKBA. One that recognises those fleeing religious persecution in Pakistan and other intolerant states, as valid cases for asylum.

MP Alistair Burt after the meeting said that he was looking for ways to engage with Pakistani Christian Groups to elucidate how best to use the Aid budget sanctioned for Pakistan as a mechanism for positive change.

This is a very positive step forward for our community and the UK Government has shown the way for other countries in recent times. Only yesterday we reported of the new advisory group for Human Rights sanctioned as a consequence of increased Christian Persecution.

1 comment:

  1. Narrowgate Ministries18 March 2011 at 08:20

    dear Brother,
    this is sad but countries like U.K. and USA.Caneda,Germany. France ,Australia need to revise their policies towards Pakistan,Pakistani christians have no say in this country, the Day our Minister Shabaz Bhati was killed by extremists,very next day UK doubled the grant given to Pakistan. ITt is our country we love it and want to see it prosper but we must be cousidered equal citizens of Pakistan.USA and UK has great no of Pakistani living in their countries,these countries sould challenge Pakistan government to revise laws for the protection of Christian living here.Sitution in Pakistan getting worse day by day for people bearing faith other than Islam , Memorial services will not make any change ,policies needs to be revised . God bless u .In Christ ,ghazala