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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Raymond Davis released - further hostility to Pakistani Christians expected!

Raymond Davis the man in the centre of a massive political intrigue in Pakistan was released to the Americans yesterday. Already political parties vying for power in Pakistan have condemned the release which is seen by some, to be a corrupt and supine action by incumbent PPP Party. Before making a judgement on PPP please read on as there are number of twists to the tale.

The BPCA is concerned about how this action will affect Pakistani Christians who have been subjected to intense persecution in recent times, a consequence of a percieved holy war, resulting from extremist propaganda regarding the western war on terror.

Most Christians and UK Citizens believe the war on terror is an illegal and immoral war. The fighting is between the Americans and British against Iraq and Afghanistan and nothing to do with any faith. Pakistani Christians are neither to blame for the war and nor are they collaboraters, yet they have paid a huge cost for an act of deceipt that was not of their making.

This latest incident is another of the mysteries associated with America. In intial reports it was said the Raymond Davis shot two Pakistani's that were in the process of armed robbery. Later counter stories claimed that Mr Davis was a CIA agent and the two assailants were from Pakistan's own international espionage unit the ISI.

It would seem that the Pakistani Government has now conceded that Mr Davis was protected under diplomatic immunity. If so the delay by the Pakistani Government has fomented a more intense aversion to western nations amongst Pakistani's. However, any delay may well be justified and without knowing the reasons behind the delay or decision it is wrong for the BPCA to make any judgement. The Pakistani Government have made a judgement call on when best to enact this diplomatic transfer and should be accountable for the decision. I hope that a statement on the decision id forthcoming as it may well dissipate the angst created by lack of knowledge

The problem now is how to assess what impact this will have on Christians in Pakistan. I have been receiving some awkward emails from a Muslim brother Haroon Wasti, who seems particularly incensed by what has happened to the three dead Pakistani citizens. In some of his recent emails he has written the following comments (sic):

"Forget Taseer and his murderer. It is old thing now . The latest thing is that a GORA American Christian Terrorist has killed two Pakistanis in broad day light on a busy thoroughfare in Lahore and a third one crushed under the tyres of an other White Christian Terrorist in Lahore. I sent you lot of info. before as you innocently showed ignorance of the matter, the world was shaking with. Here is more info for your reading pleasure. YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THOSE MURDERERS> WHY ? Just because those were Christians ? and murdered people were MUSLIMS. ? Ha. Read and feel ashamed on the acts of those Christian Terrorists."

This was sent on 17th March 2011 and included an initial story on the murders:

I then received the following email:

"And What Wilson Chaudhary is doing against a White Christian Terrorist who killed two innocent Pakistanis in Lahore recently.
That would be the real test of our dear Wilson Chaudhary."

Sent 19th March 2011

Further emails were received and the tone got increasingly unsavoury. As a consequence I sent them to Scotland Yard.

Whichever story is true the fact remains this debacle and the "War on Terror" are not based on Christian versus Muslim priorities. Both nations have very enigmatic diplomatic histories and have been know for corruption. So the BPCA choose not to take sides.

Notwithstanding our choice not to side with either party, we call for the Government of Pakistan to monitor community tensions in Pakistan and to ensure the safety of the Christian Minority. Muslim extremists are sure to capitalise on this diplomatic manoeuvre, in an attempt to cause civilian unrest that will further destabilise the socio-political structures in Pakistan. Christians living in Pakistan are sure to become the scapegoat in this political intrigue and they must be protected.

We call on churches to pray for the terrified communities in Pakistan and for a restoration of peace.

We call on our global Muslim brothers to recognise that shooting incident involving Raymond Davies is nothing to do with Pakistani . We ask Muslim's everywhere to use their influence, to promote tolerance in Pakistan the nation belongs to us all - it is how God would want it.

1 comment:

  1. Why would it reflect on the Christian Nation of Pakistan. Are you saying that if someone, a Muslim from Saudi Arabia commit crime in US it should reflect on Muslim Extremist from Pakistan. It is ignorance on part of the Pakistani Extremists to hold members of the Christian Nation responsible for what Raymond D. did - to protect himself from the Muslim Extremists of Pakistan - to kill them. Why members of the Christian Nation of Pakistan who were equally partners in the formation of Pakistan be held responsible for acts of a foreigner who happens to member of the Christian faith? I think people of Pakistan should get education in world politics and ethics before they start digging their own grave.

    So, my advice to the writer is this - please stop associating Raymond Davis with the members of the Christian Nation of Pakistan.

    God Bless you All.

    Raymond Durrani & Associates
    Central Committee Executive
    Pakistan Christian Congress (Only one registered political Christian Party)
    'Friends of Pakistan's Christian Nation' (While we care deeply about all minorities, our focus is Christian Nation which was partner in the formation of Pakistan)
    1 (905) 683-2341