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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Qamar David found dead in Prison whilst appealing life sentence imposed by Blasphemy Law.

Many of you will be aware of the case of Qamar David who we reported about in March last year, when he received a life sentence for a false blasphemy:

At the time the BPCA was concerned about the safety of the prisoner and joined the research campaign run by Reprieve International, who have been investigating treatment in Pakistani prisons.

Last night it was reported that Qamar David was found dead in prison. This incident is an appalling indictment of the treatment of prisoners in Pakistan and in particular those of a Christian persuasion.

Qamar David's case itself lodged in 2006 was steeped in mystery and shrouded by lies. At the time former Minister for Minorities at the time APMA Chairman  Shahbaz Bhatti argued the case was unfounded due to a lack of evidence.  Local Police were unable to show text messages that had purportedly contained blasphemous content, despite a major investigation.

This death mirrors a similar incident in the case of Robert Danish AKA Fanish Masih who was accused of blasphemy and found dead in prison on the 15th September 2009. This brave martyr gave himself up after the Police arrested his father on demands that Fanish give himself up. A blatant breach of Police authority and human rights conventions. His body was found with welts and bruises. The autopsy report stated he died form self inflicted wounds and suicide by hanging. They blamed police negligence yet no Police Officer was arrested. Read more here:

The BPCA is concerned that foul play has taken place in this concern and is calling for an independent autopsy to be undertaken to ascertain the true nature of the cause of death. A copy of this story is being sent to the Ministry of Human Rights and we shall demand a response.

We urge people to respond to the reprieve international call for information:

Reprieve's literature was recently supported by the BPCA and we authorised reprieve to use our name on their recent flyers to appeal to Pakistani Christians for information on Police brutality in Pakistan.

We support reprieve as crimes of this nature are widespread amongst a police force that is underpaid and prone to coercion and bribery.

The BPCA calls for people across the globe to pray for succour for the family of Qamar David and for a cessation in the police brutality and bribery, that affects so many different Paksitani's.

Wilson was interviewed by Transworld Radio today on the matter and they will be broadcasting the news story hourly.


  1. Let Christians in the West sleep while our persecuted Christian brethren in Pakistan and the Middle East suffer the unthinkable sufferings one can endure.

    May the Lord bless those who are persecuted... we are always with you in prayers.

  2. Continue to suffer - no one want to help you. Everyone in the West/Europe is worried about their oneself including the ones who claim they are helping the Christian Nation in Pakistan - they are too busy giving interviews for some TV and Radio Shows themselves or interviewing others for their little writeup blogs.

    What requires is a new approach to the new problems of the members of the Christian Nation of Pakistan and no one is trying to understand it. God I ask you for forgiveness on behalf of all these people.