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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pakistani High Commissioner mourned Shahbaz Bhatti -Bad manners serves no purpose!

Last nights memorial at the High Commission was a timely and worthwhile event. Speakers at the meeting included Bishop Michael Nazir Ali and James Shera two of the most prominent Pakistani Christians in the UK.
The High Commissioner His Excellency Wajid Shamsul Hassan gave a lengthy and detailed summary of the impressive achievements of Shahbaz Bhatti.
Some Pakistani Christians chose to boycott the event and even suggested that going the memorial was "collusion with the enemy"?.
The event had been organised to honour our deceased martyr Shahbaz Bhatti and was not a meal set up to counteract the Christian Social Link protest on the 19th March. Such as the one set up on the date and time of the very first BPCA protest on December 19th 2009. That meal was cancelled last minute and left many of the invitees feeling rather sheepish.
The BPCA does not feel that this is a time to protest so soon after the death of Shahbaz Bhatti, however, we feel obliged to support any clamour for justice from Christians groups working towards Pakistani liberation.
As such we will be attending and provide details below:
Date: 19th March 2011
Time: 12:00
Venue: Parliament
It is a shame that Christian Social link failed to attend the memorial to Shahbaz, as they missed a rousing speech from the excellent Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, who spoke of Jinnah's Vision, Mohammed's forbearance and the contribution of Pakistani Christians. James Shera also called for peace, unity and tolerance.
Finally, even before this posting I received an email from Daud Nusrani condemning those that attended the memorial to Shahbaz Bhatti (copied into message below). If he had bothered to come he would have heard Bishop Michael and James Shera give such wonderful accolades to one of Pakistan's hero's, in the most fitting place in the UK - the Pakistan Embassy. For me it was a great privilege to hear these great men speak about the virtue of a man who sacrificed his life for others less fortunate than he.
Shahbaz Bhatti was a Christian and a Pakistani he wore both cultural identities with great honour, passion and commitment. He never faltered form supporting his country, or his brethren. It is time others took a leaf from his book.


  1. Shame on those who has attended memorial dinner given by killer of Shahbaz Bhatti.
    They think they have been honoured by PHC but actually they have dishonoured and dis-respected
    Sahbaz Bhatti.

    Stop this non-sense.

    D. Nusrani

  2. Police is investigating on other angles of Shahbaz Bhatti's murder now, it is learnt. Because it is now strongly believed that the Talibaan could not just throw papers with name of Allah and Muhammad on the ground at his dead body. New evidence shows that he had a land dispute of a plot near F.C.College Lahore and one dispute of Land at some Shehzad Colony. He is also being investigated about his marriage promise to a nurse that he did not fulfill.
    Please tell your comrades about these new lines of investigation when you assemble at the Pakistani mission.
    Be honest to your friends and YOURSELF.
    Will you ?

    KInd regards

  3. If the PPP forced Sherry Rehman to withdraw her private members Bill which asked the government for amendment of the 'Blasphemy Law' - then who killed Shahbaz Bhatti. If PPP killed Sherry Rehman's private members bill then who killed Shahbaz Bhatti. He was a naive young fellow who became bigger for his shoes and became a liability for PPP. PPP then wanted to get rid of that liability - and by killing Shahbaz Bhatti they did pay off that liability. Who then killed Shahbaz Bhatti and Salman Taseer. Of course, PPP. I wouldn't call him a Martyr. He however discharged PPP liability by offering his life. RIP, Shahbaz. Loyalty to the Lord has nothing to do with him being gunned down - he was killed because he was exposing voilations aganist human rights in Pakistan for which the PPP government is responsible while part of the government himself.

    Raymond Durrani & Associates
    Central Committee Executive
    Pakistan Christian Congress (Only Christian Political Party Registered in Pakistan)
    'Friends of Pakistan's Christian Nation' (While we care deeply about all minorities, our focus is Christian Nation which was partner in the formation of Pakistan)
    1 (905) 683-2341

  4. I just hate the fact that some people use others tragedies to advance their own AGENDAS. For example, the other day, Nazir Ahamed used similar occasion where Wilson was involved too, to advance his agenda of Kashmir - He brought a individual who is top cop in Kashmir to do so. He wasn't there to pay respect to Shahbaz Bhatti but rather to advance his agenda of Kashmir.

    Why this guy Nazir who is apparently carries the title of 'Lord' of UK house of Lords so interested in Kashmir and advancing their agenda. He really is killing two birds with one stone - smart of him, hey.

    I think, someone from the House of Lords should lecture him about as to what and what he can say - I think he is ignorant of the guidelines of the House of Lords. Can someone contact the House of Lords Board and make them aware of his mentality which remains of Pakistani than British, please.

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