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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

For update on Shahbaz Bhatti murder - listen to TWR Radio at 12:00

Hi Wilson

The interview I did with you this morning will be first up on today’s ‘TWR Today’ programme between 12-12:30pm.

Normally 10 minutes after air it becomes available as podcast from our website. I will send a direct link after air that you can put up on your website.

Many Thanks

Trevor Newman

Assistant Producer, TWR-UK.

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    New Delhi: 2nd March 2011

    The brutal assassination of Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti, Minority Affairs Minister of Pakistan in Islamabad today is a cowardly act perpetuated by forces which are bent to terrorise minorities across Pakistan and silence the voices of sanity. The murder of Mr Bhatti and others and persecution of minorities in Pakistan is a blot on the record of that country and shows that Pakistan has failed to protect its citizens.

    It is shocking to know that Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti, who was facing death threats since long, was not under security cover, despite being a federal minister, at the time of his brutal murder. The killing of an important leader of minorities in Pakistan who was also an important minister shows the threats and pressures under which minorities are living in Pakistan.

    The assassination of Mr. Bhatti has exposed the casual attitude of the Government of Pakistan towards the threats Mr. Bhatti had received in the past. After the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who was also killed for the same reason for which Mr. Bhatti has been assassinated, the indifference of the Government to Mr. Bhatti's security is shocking.

    Mr. Bhatti's killing has also raised serious questions about the survival adn safety of the minorities in Pakistan. There have been press reports from the interior of the country about abduction, false implication in Blasphemy cases and killings of members of the minority communities on a daily basis.

    We request the Government of Pakistan to immidiately apprehand the culprits responsilble for the assasination of an important leader of the minorities and of Pakistan and ensure the protection of the common citizens of the minorities in the country.

    Released by:

    Navaid Hamid

    Secretary, South Asian Council