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Friday 25 March 2011

Baha'i meeting a great success - collective endorsement of Shahbaz Bhatti's work ensued!

Wilson and David Griffiths form CSW share a few words.

Christian's and Baha'i followers seeking harmony amongst all people

Together we can overcome all obstacles

Mr Kiani talked of the pain of a nation.

We must work together to stamp out extremism...

Last night at the Notational Bahai centre in Knightsbridge a sombre devotional meeting was held between Christians, Muslims and the present Baha'i leadership.
The BPCA chose Psalm 23 and the Lords Prayer as the contribution from the Pakistani Christian Community and a prayer was also was also formulated by other groups from the Church of England's "Common Prayer Book".
The Event was attended by a number of notables including Mr Salas Kiani the High Commissioner's -Communities Officer, who spoke on behalf of the High Commissioner. He gave an impassioned speech that talked of the endearing character of Shahbaz Bhatti that Mr Kiani had only met once, but who was touched significantly by the occasion. Mr Kiani confirmed that the Government were committed to pushing through reforms to make Pakistan's society one that was more fair. He was a good advocate for the Government and his words were both respectful and meaningful. He evinced a distaste for the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti by grimacing when speaking of the assassination. He spoke of a strong committment to see a good outcome from the unfortunate demise of Shahbaz Bhatti.

Wilson spoke of the desire Shahbaz Bhatti had for his community ensuring that the group recognised he was not a career politician, but had declined 3 Government posts until it became clear to Mr Bhatti that he could not affect change form the outside. He further commented on his attainment of the 5% quota for minority employment in Government posts, his promotion of learning throughout minority communities, how he had stayed with the community of Gojra until an FIR was raised against the original instigator of the blasphemy charge against the victims and of Shahbaz Bhatti's endeavours to get recognition for our communities contribution to Pakistan by the creation of Minorities Day.

David Griffiths the Leader of the South Asian Team at Christian Solidarity Worldwide spoke of the International condemnation of the killing. He reflected on how significant this was, when he described the evident outrage as the first time in his reckoning, that such high profile leaders have spoken out for a political figure that was not the principal leader of a nation. This words were very moving and really brought to light the real achievement of Shahbaz Bhatti.
John Bosco from Christian Social Link talked of how in a private discussion with Shahbaz Bhatti he questioned him on why he was not married. The response he received although rather morbid clearly evidenced Shahbaz Bhatti's intentions as a politician and a leader for his people. Mr Bhatti, simply told him that he felt his life would end soon and did not want to put any potential wife into danger or through an emotionally draining life. These words cemented the assumption my wife and I had made on hearing about his marital status.

Kishan from the Bahai Community talked of a need to work together and to illustrate to the Islamic community that we are not their enemy. He called for better unity amongst all faiths and described his amazement that every account of Shahbaz Bhatti was a positive one with similar themes, agreeing that the Nation of Pakistan had lost a very important and unique individual.

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